About Me:

Hi! My name is Cat.

I like skincare. I got into it around August 2016, when I actually started using an actual face wash consistently (with no moisturizer or sunscreen lol) upgrading from washing my face with just water (not bar soap! thankfully).

Skin Profile

Age: 20s.

Type: Dry AF.

Concerns: Dehydration, Acne, Roughness, Flaking.

Shade Matches:

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 53 mixed with 52.
  • Store matched with MUFE 120.
  • Missha #23
  • CANMAKE BB Serum #1
  • Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream
  • The lady in MAC said I was NC25? But I don’t seem that fair.

Climate: Tropical, Humid.

Diet: Pretty shitty in general. (HAWAIIAN PIZZA MASTER RACE) I eat a lot of meat, rice, not a lot of veggies, almond milk and not cow’s milk.



I am not responsible for your allergies/breakouts if you are sensitive to any product I reviewed. Everyone’s skin is different. All products are bought by me with my own money unless stated otherwise. Affiliate links are in italics.


Contact me at nelumbomb@gmail.com.




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