First Look at Kylie Velvet Liquid Lip in Harmony

Impulse buy is probably my middle name.

For a while, I’ve lusted after the Candy K lipstick and liner after trying on a friend’s lip kit.  It matched my lip shade EXACTLY (minus the outer dark pigmentation), and I was floored.

So began my journey of finding the perfect dupe for Candy K.


Seven Colourpop and three NYX liquid lipsticks later, I realized I could’ve saved more money just straight up buying Candy K instead. And realizing in the process, matte lipsticks do not work for me and my Sahara dry lips AT ALL.


But after hearing of the incoming release of the Velvet Lip Kits, my stupid brain went, “THIS MIGHT BE IT, A NON-DRYING CANDY K LOOKALIKE!1!”


Swatches & Comparisons with Kylie Matte Lips

til swatching is actually pretty hard

Yeah turns out, it was reaaaally pink.

The Kylie Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Harmony looks kinda similar to the Candy K Matte Lipstick, except without the grey/brown undertone. It’s an extremely pink shade and seems to go between Candy K and Koko K, in terms of lightness.

Happily for me, the Harmony Lip Liner  actually resembles a mix of  the Candy K and Posie K Lip Liner shades.

Harmony and ColourPop Clueless

now two of the pinkest shades I have

Can’t say much in terms of performance since I’ve only used it twice, but it’s a pretty standard non-matte lipstick. It transfers and smudges easily, so if you purse and rub your lips together, expect a faint line on your lips where the color disappeared.

It’s also a  lipstick that you can feel sitting on top of your lips too. A good thing about this lipstick is that it’s easy to put on and the pigment stays on after eating (violently).

And if you fuck up a lot like me, there’s plenty of room to correct it because it smudges away easily. (One of the biggest reasons why matte lipsticks don’t work for me.)

Here are a few pictures of when I put on the lipstick (no liner), indoor lighting on top and outdoor lighting below:

After two hours, strawberry Pepero and a lot of spaghetti later:


The inside has faded a bit after eating, and the top got smudged after I sneezed.

All in all, not something I’d repurchase but it’s still good for everyday wear. (Also, it smells nice.)

Where to buy?

kyliecosmetics – 27 USD


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